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No two communication problems are the same, which means no two communication solutions are the same. We bring you a customized solution, unique to your needs and desires alike. When you work with us, you get more than just a box of equipment. You get state of the art technology, high-tier industry brands, and relentless customer service, step by step. Let us bring you solutions that allow YOU to be in control of your communication.

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    Our reps will come to your location to complete an on site survery and offer a consult. Once we see what communication style and products you currently have, we can discuss ideas on how to improve upon them.

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    Once your system and/or equipment is installed by us, up and running, and you feel confident in our work, we’ll clean up our mess and be gone. If you experience trouble or have questions, contact us!

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Communication Equipment and Radio Rentals in Vincennes, IN

VEI offers radio rentals and communication equipment installs to the Vincennes, IN area.Radio rentals are the best way to keep your job on task, on schedule, and on budget. VEI Communications is the leader in reliable communication rentals and technology services in Vincennes, IN. By working with a variety of clients in construction, entertainment, transportation, education, and emergency sectors, we understand how to create a two-way radio system that is customized to work for you and your team anywhere in Vincennes, IN and surrounding areas.

Two-Way Radios vs. Walkie Talkies

Let’s first explain the difference between a two-way radio and a walkie talkie.

  • Two-way radios, also called a transceiver, operate in two ways; sending and receiving communication.
  • A walkie talkie is basically a smaller version of a two-way radio that can fit in your pocket or clip on your belt.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are simply the best way to communicate when you’re on the job in Vincennes, IN. Industries across the globe rely on handheld radios to communicate clearly when cell phone use is cumbersome, unreliable, and fragile.

Here are 6 benefits of two-way radios:

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  • Group Communication: Quickly and clearly communicate with your Vincennes, IN team all at once. No need to rely on cell phone signals or ensure everyone got the same text. You can move your team, send updates, communicate instructions, answer questions and get the job done more effectively with two-way radios.
  • Increased Efficiency: When you’re on the job in Vincennes, IN, circumstances change in an instant, you may need to make last-minute changes, reschedule, or reassign tasks in seconds. With two-way radios these changes can be coordinated easily with clear communication channels across all team members.
  • Radio rentals are a safe and professional way to communicate in Vincennes, IN.Professional: It’s very difficult to stay on task at work when your cellphone is constantly sending you notifications. You have to sift through all the FB posts from your niece and text messages from your sister in order to see the email from your boss or read the message from your supervisor. Cell phones provide unlimited distractions at work. A two-way radio keeps things simple and allows you to keep your cell phone for personal use only so you can focus on the job at hand.
  • Lower Cost: Using two-way radios are much more cost effective than a company cell phone or group plan. The portable radios don’t require a contract, no roaming or data fees, and best of all – absolutely no monthly bills.
  • Durability: Even the most durable cell phones with the toughest case are still susceptible to damage. A damaged cell phone is absolutely worthless. Two-way radios are built to withstand moisture, drops, shock, vibration, heat, dust, water and still provide reliable communication with your team.
  • No Restrictions: The use of cell phones is often restricted by either company policy, DOT regulations or other industry regulations. This is because using a cell phone on the job can be inherently unsafe. Two-way radios are the recommended alternative and are not restricted in any industry. Using a handheld radio system is the best form of communication that is both safer and more reliable than cell phone use on the job.

How Two-Way Radios Work

Two-way radio rentals keep communication clean and simple. Each user on the team can talk, or can listen, but not at the same time. This ensures only one person is communicating at a time, and each communication channel remains clear of background noise.

The portable radio is normally in receive mode, this allows the user to hear all communication without even touching the radio, pressing a button, or changing any settings. When the user wants to talk, he simply presses a “push-to-talk” button, which turns off the receiver and turns on the transmitter.

With two-way radio rentals in Vincennes, IN, there is no need to mess with a touch screen or dig your phone out of your pocket every two minutes to take a call or get an update. Communication is clear, simple, and easy to use even in loud arenas or crowded spaces. When you need an easy and reliable way to stay connected during the busiest events of the year, consider two-way radio rentals with VEI Communications.

For large conferences and festivals in Vincennes, IN, radio rentals can provide clear communication among employees.

  • Conferences: We provide two-way radio rentals for conferences in Vincennes, IN all year round. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a fully-functional handheld radio system without having to pack and haul your own equipment. Clear, reliable communication is essential to pulling off the best company conference of the year and eliminating the distracting and cumbersome use of cell phones throughout your event.
  • Festivals: If you’re hosting a festival in Vincennes, IN, we provide portable radio rentals for the entire team throughout the event. Because of their natural ability to block out surrounding noise, two-way radios provide a more maintain reliable and clear communication across your entire team.
  • School Events: We love supporting both local and visiting schools in Vincennes, IN. Whether you’re hosting a sports tournament, fundraiser, or academic competition, you’ve got to be at the top of your game. With parents, children and families all relying on your school to manage the event effectively, two-way radio rentals are the best way to stay on top of every aspect of your event throughout the day.
  • Sporting Events: At VEI, we are no stranger to coordinating large sporting events. We provide handheld radio rentals for both small and large sporting events in Vincennes, IN to keep you communicating with your team both on and off the field.
  • Facility Management: If you’re working in Vincennes, IN to remodel, upgrade, or renovate your facilities, two-way radios are the best way to stay in communication on the job. Our handheld radio rentals allow you to use the portable radios as long as you need them while you’re on the job.

Renting Two-way Radios

Handheld radio rentals are the best option when you need a way to manage and communicate to your team during company events, local projects or jobs while keeping guests, attendees, and staff safe and engaged.

Let VEI Communications be your resource for reliable radio rentals.

Two Way Radio Repair & Installation

VEI provides 24 hour repair and maintenance service in Vincennes, IN for all radio rentals and communication equipment.

At VEI, we keep your equipment in peak condition to protect against unexpected outages or failures. With 24-hour repair services as well as pickup and delivery of your equipment, we ensure your equipment is reliable, charged, and ready to work as long as you do.

All of our radio rentals come with 24 hour two way radio repair service, as well as pickup and delivery to your Vincennes, IN office or event venue. We arrive fully stocked with batteries, antennas, and other small parts to make common repairs quickly and effectively on site.

If you need an equipment change or upgrade, we can install a single portable radio to a multi-channel, multi-site network system in minutes.

Two-Way Radio Maintenance

VEI offers a customizable maintenance program so your portable radios are always taken care of with no hidden costs or surprise fees. Our service price is designed to fit your budget and give you peace of mind.

Dispatch Communication Systems

Our dispatch radio systems are slightly different than our traditional two-way radios. These systems are used in a variety of industries throughout Vincennes, IN to send emergency services, manage truck fleets, or automated routing, scheduling, etc. There are several benefits of dispatch radio systems. Some of the important ones include:

  • Safety: This is the number one benefit of dispatch systems. They are the most reliable, clear, and safe way to communicate quickly with your team anytime, anywhere.
  • Productivity: There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate with any type of dispatch center. Clear direction allows you to function more productively with your entire team to get the job done.
  • Security: Our systems feature the best security so you can communicate freely knowing that your channel is secure, and your communication is safe.
  • Reliability: Cell phones are notoriously unreliable, and a risk you don’t want to take when clear communication could literally mean life or death. Dispatch communication is always the most reliable method to connect when it matters most.

VEI Communications has a proven process that gives our customers the best possible dispatch system design. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Meet with the customer: We want to learn about you, your industry, and how our dispatch system can help you do your job.
  2. Our team designs your dispatch system: Next, we design a dispatch system that is completely customized to you. We will include everything you need and nothing you don’t to create a system specifically designed for your use.
  3. Dispatch system installation: Once the system is ready, our team will install it for you on site. This ensures that everything is installed correctly, and all of the equipment is in working order.
  4. Equipment training for your crew: When the installation is complete, our team will provide your employees with a brief training and overview, so they are confident in using the equipment.


In addition to radio rental, VEI also offers FleetTalk communication system installation in the Vincennes, IN area.

FleetTalk is our own digital network system used by a variety of industries, including school transportation, public safety, and construction in Vincennes, IN and nearby areas.

We will just let the benefits of FleetTalk speak for themselves.

  • In many industries, there are federal laws against using cell phones in certain locations and within DOT vehicles. FleetTalk allows you to communicate with your entire team or have a one-on-one conversation with a driver or employee anytime, anywhere without the use of a cell phone.
  • High cell phone bills, roaming charges, data usage and monthly costs of cell phone use are completely eliminated with FleetTalk.
  • GPS is available with FleetTalk so you can manage your people, send help when necessary, and stay connected no matter where they are on the road.
  • FleetTalk provides significantly better signal quality, so communication is loud and clear even in the most remote locations.

Less Talking, More Working

At VEI Communications, we offer the best in instant, handheld talk radios, fleet coverage and dispatch services in Vincennes, IN. Our system of equipment and support provides crystal clear, uninterrupted communication with an individual or entire team on the road or on the job.

We have been providing reliable communication for over 20 years. We continue to modernize and update our equipment to provide the best solutions today and innovation for the future of two-way radio communication. To provide your team with the radio rentals and communication systems they need to get the job done, give us a call today.

In addition to Vincennes, IN, VEI Communications is proud to serve the cities of Hartsville, Sumtner, and Conway.

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