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Unication G1

Designed for Public Safety

The Unication G1 Voice Pager offers BEST in class reception & voice clarity, so calls come through loud & clear, even in fringe coverage areas. The G1 is rich with standard features that include customizable alert tones, 7 programmable backlight colors, 16 minutes stored voice, and 11 minutes of voice memo. This device is a software-defined pager that allows you to keep your current device updated with the latest features & functionality. Don’t miss the most rugged voice pager on the market!

Unication G1 Features

  • Supports up to 64 Channels
  • Scan Modes: Normal (Probability Scan) Free, Priority, Silent, Monitor, Selective
  • Signaling Options: 2 Tone, 5/6 Tone, CDCSS(DPL), CTCSS(PL)
  • IP67 Rating (Waterproof and Dustproof)
  • Submersible Up to 3 ft for 30 Minutes
  • 16 Minutes Voice Storage
  • 11 Minutes Voice Memo
  • Customizable Alerts
  • 7 Backlight Colors
  • Message Lock/ Screen Lock
  • Duty On/Off Feature
  • Programmable Voice Alerts
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty (5-Year Option)
  • Software Defined

Available Models

  • Low Band 33-39 MHz
  • Low Band 43-49 MHz
  • VHF 137-153 MHz
  • VHF 148-164 MHz
  • UHF 450-520 MHz
  • UHF 465-485 MHz
  • UHF 495-512 MHz


Unication G1 Pager