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Unication FAQs

What Do The G-Series P25 Devices Support?

What systems do the G2/G3/G4/G5 support?

The G2/G4 supports multiple P25 systems, including Conventional, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. The G3/G5 supports everything the G2/G4 supports in addition to 2 Tone, 5 Tone, and MDC 1200 on either of its two bands.

They Support:

  • Multiple IDs
  • 2 Tone, 5 Tone, and MDC 1200 (G5 Only)
  • Site Trunking
  • Full Spectrum Scan
  • Linear Simulcast Modulation for Simulcast Applications
  • Priority TGIDs
  • Multi-select
  • 800MHz, 20kHz channel spacing and 4kHz deviation for Direct mode communications

Can the G 2 /G 3/G4/G 5 “scan” a defined trunking frequency (Example: 855.9875, 856.2625, 857.2625, 858.2625)? If so, can you scan defined TALKGROUPS on those frequencies?

Yes, TGIDs are assigned along with the Control Channels and Site Information (site information is used to further validate that the pager is assigned to that site(s) in situations where Control Channels are reused in the network). The G-Series P25 Voice Pagers can be pre-programmed with Control Channels and, when first turned on, will scan for the active Control Channel. Once it is on an active Control Channel it stays there until the Bit Error Rate exceeds a predetermined value

Can the G 3/ G5, in 2 Tone mode, replace my Minitor?

Absolutely. The G3/G5 does everything the Minitor does and much, much more. The G3/G5 supports many more RF Channels, with and without PL/DPL, and 2 Tone IDs than the Minitor. With an eight position Selector Knob switch one can configure the G5 for more configurations. And, being IP67 (water and dustproof) and designed for rugged Public Safety environments the G3/G5 ensures reliable operation.

Will the G2/G3/ G4/ G 5 work on VHF or UHF Trunked Systems?

Yes, the receiver covers a fairly broadband that should cover the Control and Traffic Channel frequency range.

Do the G – Series Pagers Support P25 Phase I and Phase II?

Yes! Unication added Phase II to all devices with Firmware release V1.1. This Phase II release is backwards compatible with Phase I, so all devices are now Phase I and Phase II compatible.

How Do They Work?

How does the dispatch center send out the P25 page?

With the G2/G4, sending the page is as simple as sending a 2-tone page. The Dispatcher will select the appropriate icon and when they send the page the system will send out the pre-programmed TGID. The Dispatcher can choose to send an Alerting tone like they do for portable radios or not. Once the TGID is sent the Dispatcher can begin sending the voice message. With the G3/G5, no dispatching changes are required. Agencies can continue receiving their 2tone calls exactly as before but gain the ability to also monitor incoming P25 transmissions.

How does the dispatch center activate pagers in the field?

The Administrator will “map” the TGIDs to select Sites or Simulcast Zones. The system then “Forces” the TGID(s) to “Critical Sites”.

Using TGIDs is problematic for my application, are there other methods?

We now support three methods for P25 paging; TGID, Call Alert, and QCII over P25. Please contact us to determine which method is best for your application.

Does the dispatcher have to send an alert call the same way they would ping a portable radio?

They could, or just let the G4 generate its internal Alerting tone (or wav file).

Does this unit require any changes to the communications center equipment?

If the Dispatch Center does not currently dispatch on the P25 system a P25 Control Station will be needed.

Does this unit require any changes to how they would dispatch incidents?

If transitioning to the G2/G4 with plans to migrate to P25 paging only, there may or may not be changes. If one already dispatches to P25 Group IDs (directed to Portables and Mobiles) then there probably will be no change required. The G3/G5 Dual Band P25 no dispatching changes are necessary. Agencies can continue receiving their 2tone calls exactly as before but gain the ability to also monitor incoming P25 transmissions.

On an analog radio system, we use an encoder to send tones over the radio frequency. In a digital system you have to send data to the pager. How are we sending data to the Pager?

The Dispatching Console, 2-way portable or Mobile sends the appropriate TGID to the G-Series P25 Voice Pager. The G2/G3/G4/G5 is monitoring the Control Channel and upon detection of a programmed TGID, it will go to the assigned Traffic Channel for the voice message.

Do I need a Portable Radio that affiliates the assigned TGID in order to make the G4 work?

Although this is a good way to initially test the G4/5, in the final configuration the System will be programmed to “Force TGIDS to Critical Sites” thereby allowing the Dispatcher or a back-up Portable to send messages.

When should I consider purchasing the G3/G5?

  • If you know P25 Service will be available within the next 18 months.
  • If I want to continue to use the existing analog 2 tone network, but want to listen to select TGIDs on the P25 System
  • If your Mutual Aid relationships have migrated from analog to digital or they have stayed analog while you migrated to digital. If you travel frequently and want to listen of local/regional systems
  • If you migrated to digital, but want to monitor analog transmissions (NOAA, etc.)

How does the G – Series P2 5 Voice Pager provide an alert tone?

The pager will decode the TGID and emit an alert tone (user programmable) while it stores the associated message on the assigned Traffic Channel. At the end of the alert tone duration (user programmable) the pager will play the stored voice message from the beginning.

Does the G – Series P25 Voice Pager store all messages?

The User determines which TGIDs’ messages are to be stored. All stored messages are time and date stamped and stored in non-volatile memory. They can easily be retrieved by pressing the playback key button which plays stored messages on a last-in/first-out basis or by using the pager’s menu to selectively find the time and day the message was received. Message memory is very large and if it nears getting full it will automatically purge the oldest read/unread messages to make room for new incoming messages.

Can stored messages be stored on one’s computer?

Yes, we have a Message Backup/Manager Utility that allows one to download all stored messages to one’s computer and sort them on several parameters.

We have UHF and VHF systems in our area, is there a dual-band model that supports these two bands?

Yes, the highly requested VHF/UHF G3 Voice Pager is now available!

Do I have to send the pager back to the factory to be updated if there is a software bug?

The G-Series P25 Voice Pagers are software-defined radios and we offer periodic Software Update Utilities to our Dealer community to allow them to service their customers as expeditiously as possible. Standard software & updates are complimentary and available for download on our website.

My Unication pager is not functioning correctly/missing button/has an issue. Where do I send it to be fixed?

If your pager needs servicing, please contact your Authorized Dealer for instructions. If you are not sure who your Authorized Dealer is, please fill out our serial number search form:

Can we program our own pagers?

The micro-USB cable that is used for charging the pager is also used for programming it. Pager programming software can be downloaded, at no charge, from our web site. In addition, we offer webinars on programming and the features of the G4/5 pagers on our YouTube channel for free.

What kind of battery is used?

The G-Series P25 Voice Pagers come with a heavy-duty Lithium-Ion 2800mAH battery. The pager includes a micro-USB charging cable with 2-amp power supply.

What kind of battery life can I expect?

Battery life greatly depends on the amount of traffic one is monitoring. We have Users getting more than 24 hours and heavy Users getting around 14-16 hours.

Do you offer a product that provides an audio output and relay closure for Fire Station use?

We have a Charger Amplifier option that, in addition to having an internal speaker for high noise environments and antenna for RF challenged area, offers a variety of outputs that can be used for external speaker and/or siren/lighting controls.

Do you have a drop-in charger? Connecting the mini USB charging cable can be difficult in low light conditions.

In addition to the Charger Amplifier, Unication released a standard Desktop Charger option. The Standard Desktop Charger MSRP is $90.00 and the Charger Amplifier MSRP is $150.00.

Do you have an earphone/speaker jack?

We have something better. Our pagers support Bluetooth connectivity allowing one to wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth earphone, speaker or one’s vehicle’s speakers. The Bluetooth capability also ensures we maintain our IP67 (water/dustproof) rating.

Many scanners do not work well in a simulcast environment, how does the G2/G3/G4/G5 work?

Unication has considerable experience in designing products used in simulcast environments. The G-Series P25 Voice Pagers have not only passed our rigorous lab testing but are also working on a number of P25 systems with simulcast zones.

With the G5 can you scan between a VHF analog and P25, 700/800/VHF, Trunking system?

One can use the 8-position selector knob switch to manually switch between systems. We are looking at providing an automatic scan feature in a future software update.

Release and Model Information

What Frequencies are available?

Single Band

G2 P25 Voice Pager: VHF

  • VHF: 136-174MHz

G2 P25 Voice Pager: UHF

  • UHF: 380-430MHz
  • UHF: 400-470MHz
  • UHF: 450-520MHz

G4 P25 Voice Pager – 700-800MHz

  • 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz

Dual Band

G3 P25 Voice Pager: VHF/UHF

  • VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 380-430MHz
  • VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 400-470MHz
  • VHF 136-174MHz & UHF 450-520MHz


  • VHF: 136-174MHz / 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz


  • UHF A: 330-400MHz / 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz
  • UHF B: 380-430MHz / 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz
  • UHF C: 400-470MHz / 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz
  • UHF D: 450-520MHz / 763-776MHz, 851-870MHz

What is the price?

The MSRP of the G2/G4 Single Band Model is $645.00 and the G3/G5 Dual Band Model is $745.00. Most Dealers offer more competitive price points than MSRP retail rates.

  • G2 P25 Voice Pager $645.00
  • G3 P25 Voice Pager $745.00
  • G4 P25 Voice Pager $645.00
  • G5 P25 Voice Pager $745.