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In a world of smartphones, Bluetooth, and tiny earbuds, a two-way radio may seem a bit old fashioned. The truth is, two-way radios are still used as one of the most reliable ways to stay in touch on the job. There are several reasons industries across Louisville consistently choose to equip their staff and employees with two way radio systems, rather than cell phones.

First, radio signal has repeatedly proven to be more resilient to downtime than electricity and cellular networks. When you need a reliable way to communicate, a two-way radio will outperform any smartphone network in the country.

Second, they’re rugged and durable. They simply work better and last longer than smartphones and other means of communication. Even in noisy settings, the audio is crystal clear and can stand up to tougher conditions where a smartphone just won’t cut it.

Most importantly, you don’t need any updates, apps, or setting changes. Two way radios are extremely simple to use with very little training necessary.

When your Louisville-based business or team needs a way to stay connected, consider two way radios from VEI Communications.

Two Way Radio Communication, Walkie Talkies, and More: Knowing Your Equipment

A variety of different industries use two way radios in Louisville, KY.

There are several different methods of two-way radio communication. Radio systems serve a variety of purposes and come in many different options.

Let’s break them down here:

  • Two Way Radios: A two way radio is a radio that has the ability to both transmit and receive a radio signal. These radios may be mounted in a vehicle, or carried in hand around an office setting. A two way radio can either operate in a half-duplex or full duplex mode.
    • Half-duplex mode allows the radio to transmit or receive, but not both simultaneously.
    • Full-duplex mode allows the radio to transmit and receive at the same time.
  • Walkie Talkie: Simply put, if you can carry your radio in your pocket, it’s a walkie talkie. Any portable two way radio, particularly one that can be held in the hand, is most commonly referred to as a walkie talkie.
  • Pagers: While in the portable communications family, technically, these are not used for two-way communication. Pagers are most commonly used to dispatch emergency personnel or for employee business notifications. These are ideal for fire departments and other organizations that need to react quickly in times of emergency and can include features best suited to your business.

How Do Two Way Radios Work?

Your favorite Louisville radio station is transmitted to your car because the audio system in your vehicle is constantly in receive mode. This is so you can hear all transmissions on the channel from the radio stations in your area. When you’re using a two-way radio, you create your own radio waves and the “station” now becomes your own personal chat room.

Using a two-way radio is very simple and doesn’t require any extensive training. When the user wants to talk, he presses a “push-to-talk” button, which turns off the receiver and turns on the transmitter. When he releases the button after talking, the receiver is activated again. Multiple users on the channel must take turns talking.

At VEI Communications, we bring you two way radio equipment backed by some of the most trusted names in the business, such as Kenwood, Hytera, and EF Johnson.

Benefits of Two Way Communication Equipment

No matter the equipment, using two way radios, walkie talkies, and portable radios is simple and requires little training, which means multiple different commercial industries can use them. Common industries in Louisville utilizing two-way radios include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial/ Manufacturing
  • Public Safety
  • Recreation
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Local Governments
  • Transportation

These industries rely on radio signal because it has repeatedly proven to be more resilient to downtime than electricity and cellular networks. However, there are several other benefits of two-way radios that far outweigh the endless apps on a smartphone.

  • Instant Access: No more voicemail or busy signals. Within a company facility, everyone who has a two-way radio can be immediately reached with the touch of a button. With the right equipment, even employees who are a distance away can be within range to receive communications.
  • Group Communication: Group text can only do so much. A digital two way radio allows you to speak to an entire group of individuals at one time. You can relocate multiple staff members, call a particular group, or send an update with a single message.
  • Professionalism: Having a smartphone attached to your hand all day long is off-putting to customers, clients, and guests. Particularly in the service industries including restaurants, hotels, schools, and those who interface regularly with the public, using a two-way radio with a discreet headset allows for a more professional appearance and less disruptions around customers.
  • Increased Efficiency: We all know that even the best-laid plans change at the last minute. With instant access to your entire group you can make changes, reschedule, or reassign in seconds, giving you better efficiency over your team. This small change can create lower costs and greater profits over time.
  • Durability: Even the most durable cell phone case doesn’t cut it compared to dust, moisture, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and even forceful water jets. Two way radios are recommended for harsh environments where a smartphone is too fragile to use.
  • Lower Cost: No contract necessary, no roaming, no data fees, no monthly bill. This is what makes two way radios less expensive than cell phones.
  • Safety: With a two way radio and optional equipment to connect off-site, an employee is always connected to their co-workers. This provides an additional level of safety for those who are working alone at a remote site with spotty or non-existent cell phone coverage.
  • Better Battery Life: Radio batteries typically last through a full shift, and even into overtime hours, unlike most cell phones that will need to be plugged in throughout the day.
  • Audio Quality: Two way radios have come a long way since their inception during World War II. Today, a two way radio has advanced technology that enhances audio quality and suppresses noise, making them far superior in noisy environments than the latest cell phones.
  • No Restrictions: There are some workplaces, transportation in particular, that limit the use of cell phones by their drivers or employees. However, they do allow two way radios for communication because it is safer and more reliable than cell phone coverage.

Two way radios in Louisville, KY.

Buy or Rent Radios: Let VEI Communications be Your Local Supplier

Two way radios are a wise investment for any business or facility with commercial needs. VEI Communications in Louisville is here to provide you with the options to buy or rent two way radios, pagers, and more. If you’d like to try out a system before you invest – no problem! We offer rental programs in several areas so that you can put our equipment to the test and see what a difference it makes.

We also offer accessories and add-ons for your equipment, such as batteries, chargers, hip clips, headsets, and more to ensure you have the convenience and communication you need. Contact us today for more information about our add ons.

Reliable two way radios can completely change your business and put you in control of your company communication. From Hytera, EF Johnson, Kenwood and more, let us help you choose the right two way radios for your business!

With locations in Louisville, KY, Russellville, KY, Vincennes, IN, Evansville, IN, and Darlington, SC, we’re here to help with two way radio repair and install, whenever and wherever you need us. If you’re interested in our two way radios, give us a call today.

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