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Rental Pricing

$8 per Day – 3 day minimum

$50 a week

Thinking of hosting a business party or private commercial event? Is the manufacturing plant or warehouse you run undergoing some long-term changes?

No matter the reason, two-way radio rental can be a viable option when you need a way to manage and communicate with multiple people throughout your company staff. Finding a reliable way to communicate clearly and effectively keeps everyone on task, on schedule, and on budget. Organized teams who have a premeditated means of communicating can respond to security issues, medical emergencies, or scheduling delays quicker, all while keeping guests, attendees, and staff safe and engaged.

When your Louisville business or team needs an easy and reliable way to stay connected during the busiest events of the year, consider two way radio rental with VEI Communications.

Understanding Two Way Radios

Using two way radio rental for facility structural changes or private event planning is a simple and easy way to communicate with your team. Simply grab a handset from the docking station, turn it on, tune to the right station, and get to work.

Most two-way radio systems usually operate on a single radio channel and work in what is called a half-duplex mode. This means that the user can talk, or he can listen, but not at the same time.

The radio is normally in receive mode, so the user can hear all other transmissions on the channel without even touching the radio, pressing a button, or changing any settings.

When the user wants to talk, he presses a “push-to-talk” button, which turns off the receiver and turns on the transmitter. While speaking, he’s in transmitter mode. When he releases the button after talking, the receiver is activated again.

Two-way radios are available in mobile, stationary base, and hand-held portable configurations. These hand-held two way radios are most commonly referred to as walkie-talkies.

Two way radio rental can be used at private events in Louisville, KY.

Radio Rental for Your Next Event

Whether you’re looking to cover operations in single facility, a sprawling outdoor venue, or a large industrial turnaround site, VEI Communications offers two way radio rental throughout Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. Many of our customers rely on walkie talkies, and portable radio rental for private events, special circumstances, and events such as:

  • Trade shows and industry association meetings: Keep everyone informed and on schedule, during set up and throughout the day’s events to keep your guests happy and keep the event running smooth.
  • Conferences, conventions, and corporate events: Clear communication is the key to pulling off a comprehensive event, like a Louisville business conference, convention or company party. Two way radios allow you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere without worrying about cell phone coverage failure or down signal towers.
  • Fairs and festivals: When you’ve got large crowds coming in and out of your city, safety concerns stay on high alert. Stay in touch with event staff through reliable communication via two way radio rental, to keep attendees and staff safe and happy throughout the duration of the festival.
  • Sporting events: Louisville, KY’s most beloved sporting event, the Kentucky Derby, depends on the help of VEI Communications. Our two way radio rental helps keep event staff  on top of their game to help things run smoothly and safely.
  • Concerts: Ever tried using a cell phone in a concert hall? Nearly impossible, right? Never worry about not getting through to someone and turn to two way radio rental instead. Keep your staff ready, your venue secure and your guests happy, no matter how loud the music is.
  • School, church, and community activities: When you’re accommodating hundreds of parents, children, and families, you need to be at the top of your game. Clear communication with your team via two way radios allows you to manage events with ease.
  • Facility management and construction changes: When your warehouse or industrial building is undergoing changes, stay in touch with your work crew through radio communication. Your workers can carry their portable radios throughout the facility, ready to be reached at any moment.

Working with VEI Communications

We understand you have a variety of choices for two way radio rental. Working with VEI Communications is more than renting products and receiving a box of equipment in the mail. We’d be honored to be your reliable source for product rental, and can ensure the following when you rent with us:

  • Easy Set-Up: We set everything up for you and have your two-way radio rentals ready for pick-up, on time and on budget, without any hidden costs or surprise fees. We give you a thorough training on all products so you know exactly how to use the equipment.
  • Clear Signals: All radios operate on licensed frequencies and can be customized and programmed for your specific frequency requirements or needs.
  • Equipment: Our portable radios from Kenwood provide clear and powerful communications, which are the keys to success when running events. All radios come with extra batteries and rapid chargers. If necessary, hands-free accessories, headsets, and repeaters are also available for rent.
  • Rental Periods: Because we have an extensive inventory of equipment, we can cater to the needs of your organization. We offer rental periods for days or weeks to accommodate events, meetings, and corporate functions. If you need a bit longer, we can accommodate monthly rentals for seasonal business needs and operations as well.
  • Pick-up and Delivery: Too busy to come to us? No problem, as we can provide quick, reliable delivery service right to your location.
  • Technical Support: After setting everything up, we don’t leave until we know everything is in working order and you have reliable equipment. However, if something goes wrong in the middle of your event, we are there for you. We provide excellent technical support and replacement equipment if necessary, as well as offer 24 hour emergency service and support.

VEI Communications offers two way radio rental in Louisville, KY.Walkie Talkies, Portables, and Two Way Radios with VEI Communications

Rent your two way radios and walkie talkies from VEI Communications today and never miss a beat during the stress of a private party, when communicating can be made so simple.

Our skilled professionals offer your team the communication system you need for your mobile workforce to stay connected. For private parties, business events, or teams of any size, we keep your staff equipped with a variety of end-to-end solutions. We don’t just deliver equipment. We make sure you have the infrastructure, signal boosters, networking, services, and support needed to get the job done.

With locations in Louisville, KY, Russellville, KY, Vincennes, IN, Evansville, IN, and Darlington, SC, we’re here to help, whenever and wherever you need us. We serve those within 60 miles of each of our locations, making two way radio rental easier than ever before. Give us a call today for additional information.

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