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Two-Way Radio Dispatch Systems

Telex Radio Dispatch equipment is trusted by professionals — nothing else is as reliable, scalable, or flexible.

Telex Radio Dispatch is the leading manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications. Capable of deployment in both distributed and server-based architectures, Telex dispatch console systems have flexibility, scalability, and redundant capability based on the network.

C-Soft Software IP Dispatch Console

C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable software dispatch console and is the perfect application for any dispatch environment.

C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer. This proven application has been deployed in communication centers around the world in applications from 911 dispatch to mobile command centers and transportation management.

Dispatch Console Hardware

The perfect footprint for smaller operations or supervisory monitoring situations, the IP-2002 is an IP-based dispatch console in a familiar desktop telephone form factor. Dispatchers using the IP-2002 can initiate a crosspatch between the two lines, as well as inject audio into the crosspatch. A simple Ethernet connection places the IP-2002 on the network. The IP-2002 requires no CEB or additional CPU equipment for operation — all the processing and control capabilities are completely self-contained within the unit. The console comes with a handset and panel mic. Other microphone options are sold separately.