While two way radios are easy ways to communicate to your team while on a job site, they can sometimes struggle with large distances. This is why many companies are investing in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) repeaters.

To put it simply, an LMR repeater is used to help extend the range of communication for your portable, mobile, desktop, and long range two way radios. Depending on the LMR repeater you choose, there is also an array of benefits aside from the frequency range including multiple channels, programmable AUX, and more.

If your team has a large area to work with, it would be a good idea to place an LMR repeater somewhere near the center of the work site. This will provide your team with a stronger, more reliable signal to work with.

With an LMR repeater, you and your team can easily communicate with each other without worrying about staying in an otherwise limited area.

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