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Mobile Radios

Kenwood NX-3720HG/3820HG

Introducing the Kenwood NX-3720HG / 3820HG VHF/UHF digital transceiver multi-protocol digital and analog mobile radio.

This adaptable mobile radio supports both NXDN and DMR digital protocols as well as mixed digital FM analog operation, enabling it to serve with distinction in a wide range of enterprise- and operation-critical applications. Designed with flexibility in mind, it’s packed with convenient features like Bluetooth® for hands-free operation and built-in GPS. And providing greater freedom of installation, the radio’s front panel can be used as a remote control head (this requires an optional upgrade, to be available in future). Additionally, for expansion capability, a software license certification system facilitates extensive customization.

Find out more about the Kenwood NX-3720HG/3820HG.

Kenwood NX-5700/NX-5800/NX-5900

Introducing the Kenwood NX-5700/5800/5900 VHF/UHF digital transceiver NEXEDGE VHF/UHG/700-800MHz/ P25 (I&II) NXDN/DMR / multi-digital & FM analog mobile radio.

The Kenwood NX-5000 Series offers unsurpassed interoperability for a wide variety of users as it supports three digital CAIs — NXDN, DMR and P25 (Phase 1 & 2) — plus FM analog in a single radio. Best of all, a desired CAI can be selected at will, giving you the freedom to migrate at your own pace — whether you are intent on going fully digital, undecided about which digital system to pick, or just wanting to maintain both digital and analog for a while. An NX-5000 radio can simultaneously support two digital protocols plus analog, offering the following combinations: FM/DMR/ NXDN, FM/NXDN/P25, and FM/DMR/P25.

Find out more about the Kenwood NX-5700/NX-5800/NX-5900.

Kenwood NX1700H/NX-1800H


  • “One Radio” with Multi-protocol Support:
  • Designed to operate under an NXDN or DMR digital,
  • and FM analog protocols
  • Upgradable Digital/Analog mode by software option
  • (no firmware upgrade required)
  • Easy visible, white backlit LCD display:
  • Alphanumeric, 10-digit, 13-character frame

Kenwood NX-700/NX-800

NEXEDGE VHF Digital & FM Mobile Radio

  • 30/50 W (136-174 MHz) Model
  • 30/45 W (400/470, 450-520 MHz) Models
  • 512-CH-GID / 128 Zones
  • 14 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
  • Dash & Remote Mount
  • Programmable Function Keys