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VEI Communications offers the complete line of Kenwood commercial two-way radios. We specialize in providing a wide range of Kenwood radios designed for various industries and applications in Indiana, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

Kenwood Portable Radios

  • Kenwood NX-1200/NX-1300
  • Kenwood NX-3220/NX-3320/NX-3420
  • Kenwood NX-5200/NX-5300/NX-5400

Kenwood Mobile Radios

  • Kenwood NX-3720HG/3820HG
  • Kenwood NX-5700/NX-5800/NX-5900
  • Kenwood NX-1700H/NX-1800H
  • Kenwood NX-700/NX-800

Kenwood Repeaters

  • Kenwood NRX-1700E
  • Kenwood NXR 710/NXR-810
  • Kenwood NXR-5700/NXR-5800
  • Kenwood TKR-D710/TKR-D810