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We all know the danger of distracted driving due to cell phone use behind the wheel. In the world of commercial business, when you’re trying to get a shipment from point A to point B, you are trying to make sure your vehicle is running as it should, focus on the road, focus on other drivers, and the list goes on. The responsibility of trucking only increases the necessity of the driver’s safety, to ensure the safety of others, as well.

Truck and bus drivers in Louisville use radio communication.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), starting in 2012, all interstate truck and bus drivers were banned by federal law from any handheld cell phone use while behind the wheel. This means drivers are not allowed to hold a mobile phone, dial a mobile phone, or reach for a mobile phone. Violations can result in fines and/or driver disqualifications and will impact a motor carrier’s and/or driver’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) results.

So, how do you manage your shipment, vehicle, and safety all at once? VEI Communications offers the solution you need. FleetTalk is the next generation in instant, two-way mobile radio communication through one of the largest privately owned networks in the United States. FleetTalk is currently available in 9 states, including right here in Louisville, KY.

What Is FleetTalk?

Instant communication is in high demand. Whether you work in public safety, industrial, or any other dispatch-oriented businesses, reliable communication and safety must find a way to coincide.

FleetTalk is a multi-site, multi-state, digital network system that provides excellent portable and mobile coverage through a privately-owned network. This technology allows you to talk to all your trucks and/or employees at one time, with crystal clear sound, whether they are down the street or several states away.

Who Uses FleetTalk?

A construction worker in Louisville, KY.

Clear communication is vital to any business. FleetTalk is currently used by a wide range of Louisville industries including:

  • Public Safety: Protecting you and your family by keeping officers, firefighters, and managers on the same page when lives are on the line.
  • School Bus Transportation: Keeping drivers informed and faculty safe while coordinating with parents and the community to manage the security and efficiency of students.
  • Taxis and Limos: Getting you where you need to go with reliable dispatch communication throughout the span of your trip.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Keeping management, engineers, materials, and quality control working in sync throughout production with handheld devices on a reliable network.
  • Construction: Organizing a busy job site with clear communication perfect for noisy, dusty, and dangerous environments.
  • Trade Services: Delivering top-notch service to homeowners by helping contractors, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, roofers and technicians get instant assistance, help, and updates from their team.
  • Theme Parks: Managing lost children, broken-down rides, and crowds to work efficiently to keep guests safe, secure, and happy.

What Radios can Operate on the FleetTalk System?

Using the FleetTalk system does require high-tier products, specifically Kenwood radios, that are readily available through VEI Communications in Louisville, KY, as well as our other service areas, in Russellville, KY, Vincennes, IN, Evansville, IN, and Darlington, SC. We offer a variety of radios compatible with the FleetTalk System to meet your commercial communications needs.

FleetTalk System: Benefits for Your Business

Two-way radios are a staple of instant communication in the workplace. Clear and instant communication is in high demand throughout any safety, industrial, or dispatch-oriented businesses. FleetTalk provides superior service to your communication devices.

  • Federal laws now designate strict guidelines regarding cell phone use for DOT vehicles, tracking, and communicating with drivers, reinforcing the need for a reliable dispatch system.
  • The cost of cell phones is only rising, along with their fragility. You can’t afford to keep replacing expensive smartphones time and time again.
  • High monthly cellular bills can be completely eliminated with a service like FleetTalk.
  • FleetTalk provides uninterrupted, loud, and clear communication.
  • FleetTalk allows safe and legal communication, regardless of the job or areas.
  • Contact an entire group at once or just one person – whatever you need, whenever you need it.
  • GPS and other special features are available as needed to cater your package to your specific company needs.
  • Our state-of-the-art digital technology provides more privacy, better coverage, and higher signal quality than ever before.

FleetTalk With VEI Communications

FleetTalk is provided in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas.

FleetTalk’s world famous technology is backed by the experience and expertise of an extensive network of local dealers, and that’s where we come in.

VEI Communications in Louisville, KY is your regional FleetTalk connection. We currently offer FleetTalk spanning across nine states — from Illinois and Indiana to North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.


  • Unlimited access costs $19.95 a month per radio for voice services, with a signed contract.
  • Unlimited access for Voice and Data costs $24.95 a month per radio, with a signed contract.
  • GPS Tracking is available for an additional cost.

We can help you plan, develop, and install affordable two-way radio solutions through FleetTalk to keep constant communication with your drivers. This way, you can focus on them, while they focus on safety.

Your Local Communications Provider

FleetTalk offers the next generation an instant, two-way mobile radio communication through one of the largest privately-owned networks in the United States. The system provides excellent portable and mobile coverage, letting you talk and share data with all your trucks or employees at one time, with crystal clear and uninterrupted sound.

FleetTalk is the future of two-way communication. Let us help you get there today. VEI Communications is located in Louisville, KY, Russellville, KY, Vincennes, IN, Evansville, IN, and Darlington, SC. We serve those within 60 miles of each of our locations, so if you’re ready to take control of your commercial communication operations, give us a call today to get started.

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