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Evolv Technology

Touchless Security Screening

Concealed Weapons Detection

The days of invasive weapons screening are over. Screening procedures that rely on metal detectors, hand wands, and invasive bag checks are slow and manual, resulting in uncomfortable, and unsafe, crowding.

Introducing Evolv Express®

Evolv Express powered by Evolv Technology is designed to address the active shooter epidemic by taking a proactive approach to keeping people and assets safe. It is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that is conducive to supporting post-pandemic security screening requirements.

AI Differentiates Personal Items from Threats

Unlike traditional metal detectors, Evolv Express, an innovative AI-based sensor platform designed to instantly distinguish between threats and personal items such as keys, coins, belts, and cell phones on their body or in their bag. It can detect weapons that include mass casualty metallic threats such as firearms and explosive devices.

Over time, Evolv Express becomes more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered to help your security team stay ahead of the changing threat landscape. Security teams can dial the sensitivity in for their venue and easily change it based on the threat scenario, event, or other intelligence. With an adjustable sensitivity level, security teams can manage all aspects of usage to enable safety and ensure a positive guest experience.


See Potential Threats for Faster Issue Resolution
When a potential threat is detected by the system, real-time image-aided alarms show guards where the potential threat is located on a person or in his or her bag. This greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required and allows guards to act quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Operate
When a threat is detected, the Evolv Express tablet displays the location of the potential threat on the person’s body or in their bag using bounding boxes. Security screening operators using the tablet will confirm or verify the threat, which then triggers an alarm to be sent directly to ACC for notification to Security Operators in the form of an alert or warning in ACC’s Focus of Attention interface. Cameras on board the Evolv Express can simultaneously stream video to ACC and record alongside the fixed video security feeds that are installed at the venue.

Prioritize the Guest Experience
Families and groups can enter your venue together without long lines and without invasive checks. It’s a welcoming experience that maintains dignity and accelerates entry for your guests and employees while keeping venues and facilities safe from threats.

Experience Safety
Visitors want to move quickly through security checkpoints at a seamless pace, knowing they’re well-protected everywhere inside your venue—while your security teams want the assurance that they can reliably pinpoint and stop threats.

Simple Operation for Faster Resolution
See in real time where the potential threat is on a person’s body or in their bag with clear, visual alerts, focusing your security professionals’ time and effort on addressing the real threats.

Advance a Proactive Security Posture
With Evolv Insights™, the accompanying web-based and mobile-enabled analytics application, Evolv Express can account for its own performance, supporting post-event analysis and future operational planning. View visitor arrival curves and alarm rates by entrance, time, and date to understand where and when the flow of people and threat objects peak. Staff entrances accordingly for a proactive approach to security and operations.

Flexible Deployment Options
Evolv Express is easy to set up and move and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This flexibility enables the system to be used at different entrances and for special events. Choose from several different sensitivity settings to optimize for different threat levels.

Only Evolv Express

  • Fast and Efficient: Screen 4,000 people per hour, 10X faster than metal detectors.
  • Easy to Operate: See where the threat is located, reducing search time and fatigue.
  • Flexible and Portable: Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, easy to set up and move.
  • Integration: Communicate alerts to other security technologies across a venue.
  • Analytics: Support post-event analysis and a proactive security posture with the web-based and mobile-enabled app.

Evolv Express Health & Safety
Evolv Technology is dedicated to safety, quality, and consistency in the delivery of its products, as well as providing accommodations for use by people of all abilities. Products undergo testing and certification to meet various usage requirements defined by national and international governments and agencies.

Is the Evolv Express System Safe?

Evolv is dedicated to safety, quality, and consistency of our products. The Evolv Express system has been safety tested and meets the following certifications:

  • FCC CFR Part 15, CE Mark (CE Directives and Standards) Global CB Scheme per CBTL Safety Standard
  • UL 61010, EN61010, IEC 61010 and CAN/CSA 61010-1
  • U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Compliant Access
  • RoHS – Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (e.g., lead) in electrical/electronic equipment.

Integrate With Security Technologies Across Your Venue

Easy-to-configure integrations with security technologies like VMS (video management systems) and Mass Notification Systems are built into Evolv Express, allowing critical notifications and alert images to be communicated to the extended security ecosystem throughout your venue. Teams at the SOC (Security Operations Center) can instantly receive verified threats, requests for assistance, and location information from Evolv Express, initiating security protocols and procedures when a weapon is identified at the system to better protect your guests and employees.

Touchless Security Screening Demo

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Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act
Designation for Evolv Express®