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11 FAQs About Two-Way Radios

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent two-way radios for your business or personal use, it is important to know the basics. Whether you are experienced with two-way radios or a beginner, you likely have some questions you want answered. Some of these questions include: Should I Use VHF or UHF? It depends. If you are indoors or somewhere with a lot of obstructions, use UHF. These would be places like school buildings, hotels, hospitals, construction sites, retail, warehouses, or a college campus. These areas have lots of buildings, walls, and other obstructions [...]

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The South Carolina Palmetto 800 Radio System

In 1989, hurricane Hugo pummeled the East coast with 135 mph winds and a 5-to-10 foot tidal surge. The storm cut through the center of South Carolina and devastated the state causing $7 billion in damage, 27 deaths, and leaving 60,000 people homeless. In the midst of the most severe storm in South Carolina history, communication problems only made things worse. Communication centers were destroyed, state offices were flooded, and 1989′s radios didn’t allow state troopers to talk to state agents or provide clear communication between state and local police. The chaos from lack [...]

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UHF vs VHF: How Are They Different?

When you pick up your radio, you want as little disruption to the signal as possible. In order to receive or transmit crystal clear messages from your two-way radio, you will need either a very high frequency (VHF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) signal. Different businesses need different frequency ranges depending on the size and location of their operation. There’s not much difference between UHF vs VHF, they both come with distinct pros and cons, and knowing the differences in UHF vs VHF can help you decide which one is best for your needs. Defining [...]

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Two Way Radio Repeater: Best Way to Increase Your Radio Range

Remember the game of “telephone” where you whisper one message to the person next to you and they do the same and so on until the last person receives the message? This is similar to how a radio repeater works. The only difference is that the message is crystal clear and always accurate, unlike the classic game of telephone and mixed-up messages. Radio repeaters work to extend the range of your radios. Now, instead of losing a signal over a long distance, you use a repeater to extend the signal and reach your team [...]

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What You Need To Know About Mobile Radios Before Making a Decision

We all know that distracted driving is a serious issue. Thousands of people are killed each year as a result of distracted driving. In fact, half of the United States have completely banned drivers from using a hand-held phone. When you’re behind the wheel, but communication is critical – mobile radio is the best option to keep you in touch with your team without the dangers of distracted driving. This is one of the best communications equipment you can have. What are Mobile Radios?  Chances are, you’ve seen mobile radios and didn’t even realize [...]

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Long Range Walkie Talkies (aka Long Range Two Way Radios): What You Should Know

While walkie talkies have been used for everything from pop culture to hiking Mount Everest, most of their applications are much more serious. Long range walkie talkies are on the front lines saving lives every day when used by law enforcement and first responders. A long range walkie talkie is applicable literally in every sector. Whether you own a large warehouse, restaurant, construction site, or need to send an emergency alert, long range walkie talkie can alleviate your company’s communication system to the next level. What Is a Long Range Walkie Talkie? A long [...]

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What You Need To Know Before Buying a Portable Two Way Radio

The portable two way radio is an indispensable piece of equipment for workers in a range of industries. As technology advances, so have the features available in two way radios. Today, there is an abundance of options and sophisticated accessories to support portable radios in business communication across the country. What is a Portable Two-Way Radio?  A portable two-way radio is a device that is conveniently easy to transport and is specifically designed to receive and decode radios signal. These systems provide exceptional network coverage and reliable hardware to give public safety agencies and [...]

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3 Types of Two Way Radios for All Industries

Communication has never been easier than it is right now. Whether you call, text, tweet, comment, or DM, connecting with others across the room or around the globe only takes a few seconds. Two-way radios have been at the forefront of voice communication for nearly 100 years. Despite the ever-rising communication technology, this century-old style still reigns supreme. What keeps two-way radios relevant and necessary? And why will they continue to dominate the communications market? Get ready to dive into why all different types of two-way radios are still the best choice and how [...]

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Two Way Radios vs. Cell Phones: 13 Benefits of Two Way Radios for Your Business

We know what you’re thinking. People actually still use two way radios? Really? Yes, really. Even in the world of smartphones in every pocket, two way radios are still the preferred method of communication by professionals in business, industrial, and government industries. Cell phones are great for consumers and the common person, on an everyday basis. When it comes to two way radios vs. cell phones, there’s a reason two way radios are used by a vast majority of people inside the business and industrial professions. In most cases, the two technologies are not [...]

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