3 Types of Two Way Radios for All Industries

Communication has never been easier than it is right now. Whether you call, text, tweet, comment, or DM, connecting with others across the room or around the globe only takes a few seconds. Two-way radios have been at the forefront of voice communication for nearly 100 years. Despite the ever-rising communication technology, this century-old style still reigns supreme. What keeps two-way radios relevant and necessary? And why will they continue to dominate the communications market? Get ready to dive into why all different types of two-way radios are still the best choice and how [...]

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Two Way Radios vs. Cell Phones: 13 Benefits of Two Way Radios for Your Business

We know what you’re thinking. People actually still use two way radios? Really? Yes, really. Even in the world of smartphones in every pocket, two way radios are still the preferred method of communication by professionals in business, industrial, and government industries. Cell phones are great for consumers and the common person, on an everyday basis. When it comes to two way radios vs. cell phones, there’s a reason two way radios are used by a vast majority of people inside the business and industrial professions. In most cases, the two technologies are not [...]

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