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Event Radio Rentals for Concerts

The use of two-way radios at crowded special events like concerts is important in ensuring that your team can communicate. Instead of worrying about digital radio purchases, think about renting event radios. They’re cheaper and hassle-free, and renting with VEI means 24-hour technical support.

3 Benefits of Renting a Radio for a Concert

Buying radios you don’t like and finding a place to store them after every event can be a stressful chore. Here are 3 benefits of radio rental instead of buying them.

1. Ability to Test the Product – Radio rental services allows you to use the equipment without committing to a purchase. Use this opportunity to test the equipment and ensure you like it before purchasing.

2. Renting is Cheaper –The cost of renting radios for shows is significantly cheaper than purchasing outright. Renting radios once reduces the stress of making a long-term purchase during one-time events. Renting is a cheap alternative without the responsibility of storing the radios after the event or wasting money for only one use.

3. Better Performance in Loud Areas – It might be difficult to hear above the crowd or obtain a signal on your phone at loud events such as concerts. Field radios are a dependable solution to ensure service and sound quality for all of your communication needs.

Why Rent With Us?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the professionals at VEI for all of your event radio rentals in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and South Carolina.

Radio Delivery – We will deliver radios to the shows you are renting them for complete with a full line of communication accessories, such as spare batteries and speaker mics.  This saves you time and allows you to focus on the other aspects of your event.

Reliable Communication – If an emergency occurs during the show, two-way radios are able to provide instant communication to help find a solution. Without them, you may have problems calling with poor service and hoping that someone answers. Searching through the event to try and find the person is not always an option, so it is best to have reliable communication.

Quality Product – When renting radios services, you have the option to return them if you do not like the equipment. We prioritize using the best radios on the market, so you can anticipate high-quality sound and coverage on any site at any time.

Custom Maintenance Agreements – Our agreements are designed to keep you in control of your equipment.

Technical Support – Renting from VEI means reliable service 24 hours a day to suit all of your needs.

FAQs About Event Radio Rentals

Which Radios Should I Rent?

It depends on a variety of factors. If you are renting for an event that does not require much range, you can rent a smaller and less powerful radio and still have your needs met. If you are in need of a longer range and more power, consider renting a powerful radio with a higher wattage. If you are still unsure, our team of experts can help you find the perfect radio to rent for your event!

Do I need a FCC license to use rented radios at my event?

In short, yes. The FCC requires that all business frequencies be used with a FCC license. Most radio rental companies have FCC-licensed frequencies already built into their radios.