Evolv Technology | Concealed Weapons Detection

At Evolv, we provide a secure and seamless screening experience, making it possible for venues of all kinds to keep visitors safe from concealed weapons, public health threats and intruders. Founded in 2013, we are a mission-driven company headquartered and manufactured in the United States with a proven track record in screening people for threats without sacrificing the visitor experience. People screening that’s intelligent, low-profile and highly accurate — that’s what we do.

KENWOOD Viking VP8000

The KENWOOD Viking 8000 series Multi-Band, Multi-Protocol portable is specifically designed for today’s public safety agencies with advanced features.

MOTOTRBO R7 Demo: Enhanced Audio Capabilities

The MOTOTRBO R7 radio features advanced audio technology such as Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression & Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression for clear communication, even in loud environments. With intelligent audio & audio playback feature, users can focus on the task at hand.