US Alert WatchDog


The WatchDog:
The WatchDog is a very
simple, loud, and rugged voice
pager. It offers single channel,
dual channel, or five channel
True alphanumeric display Watchdog
allows source alert text
messaging and message time
stamping. Display menu also
makes operational changes
simple and fast (i.e. Selecting
from three scan mode types,
which frequencies to operate
on, setting time and date, etc).
Choice of tone alert, vibrate
alert, or simultaneous tone and
vibrate. On/Off Duty capability.
Option of up to four minutes of
stored voice.
The Watchdog has an IP66
Rating. Total protection against
dust and temporary flooding of
water (i.e. ship deck).

• Two Tone Decoding Format
• 15 Addresses Per Channel
• Optional 2 or 5 Channel
• Tone Alert, Vibrate Alert or Tone-Vibe alert
• On / Off Volume Control
• Alphanumeric Display
• Quick Monitor Control
• Audio Lock On
• Multi Function Scan
• Channel Scan
• Selective Call Scan
• Priority Scan
• Low Battery Alert
• Wideband and Narrowband Models
• Programmable Text Alert Messaging
• Alert Time Stamping
• Optional 4 Minutes Voice Memory
• Forward Message Playback Select
• Reverse Message Playback Select
• Delete Message
• Delete all Messages
• Message Protect
• 3 Bar Graphic Battery Level Indication
• Menu selectable options
• AAA Rechargeable Batteries included
• Compatible w/ Alkaline Batteries as well


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