US Alert WatchDog

The WatchDog M series:
Easy to Operate, Extremely Loud and
Rugged. With single channel or dual
channel operation or five channel
Models. Source alert text messaging and
message time stamping.
Tone alert, vibrate alert or simultaneous
tone and vibrate. The WatchDog also
has a true alphanumeric display making
operational changes simple and fast.
The 5 channel pager can operate on a
single channel or any two of the five
menu selectable channel frequencies.

The same rugged design as the M series
but with voice memory. The MX pagers
voice memory with the display allows
you to easily replay the message you
need. Forward and reverse message
select and replay.

M Series:

• Two Tone Decoding Format
• 15 Addresses Per Channel
• Optional 2nd or Multi Channel
• Tone Alert, Vibrate Alert or Tone-Vib alert
• On / Off Volume Control
• Alphanumeric display
• Quick Monitor Control
• Audio Lock On
• Multi Function Scan
• Channel Scan
• Selective Call Scan
• Priority Scan
• Low Battery Alert
• Wideband and Narrowband Models
• Programmable Text Alert Messaging
• Alert Time Stamping
• Forward Message Playback Select
• Reverse Message Playback Select
• Delete Message
• Delete all Messages
• Message Protect
• 3 Bar Graphic Battery Level Indication
• Menu selectable options
MX same as the M series plus ….
• 4 minutes voice memory